I've compiled some of my very favorite images for you to view. I hope you love them as much as I do.

The Flecks

Avery & Luke tied the knot back in Nebraska in October of 2021. Dating throughout college, these two were madly in love and one of the sweetest weddings I've ever photographed.

Lindsey & Brendon

Golden hour on a cool October day, can you imagine anything better? Lindsey and Brendon had their engagement session at Chalco Hills before their wedding in September 2022.

I photographed their friend's wedding, and that's how they found me!

Zaina & Naveed

Okay this is crazy. I found Zaina after her TikTok video of her and Naveed's love story went viral! It just so happened that they lived in Dallas, and we did their beautiful engagement session at Las Colinas Mandalay Canals in Irving, TX.

If you're looking for a dreamy engagement photo location, this is IT!

The Bovills

Never have I ever cried so much during a wedding. Emma and I were in a sorority together back in Nebraska, and she so graciously requested that I photograph their wedding in Winter Park, CO. Their wedding was literally at the top of a mountain, filled with so much love, so many tears, and so much happiness. My favorite wedding to date, by far.


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Kelli & Jordan Ward

Jaida was incredibly helpful with our whole planning process! She was warm and inviting of our questions, and she offered us helpful guidance regarding our apparel and schedule. Wedding planning during COVID was stressful, but Jaida made everything better! During our engagement photo session, Jaida made us feel so comfortable and encouraged us to just have fun together. Several members of our bridal party shared how impressed they were with Jaida’s attentiveness to little things.

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