Hi, I am Jaida Jackson.

Thank you for visiting J. Olivia Photography. My name is Jaida, I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska and just received my B.S. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha!

10 fun facts about me:

  1. I graduated high school at 16 (Go Links!), college at 20 (Go Mavericks!).
  2. I’ve shaken President Obama’s hand
  3. I’m a yogi and cycling fanatic
  4. I’m a Leo (any astrology fans out there?)
  5. I’ve been to China
  6. I’ve seen Beyoncé and Jay-Z in concert 2x
  7. I am tall. 6’0 and no, I didn’t play basketball. Volleyball, haha!
  8. I’ve been to a live taping of The View
  9. I work at Lululemon
  10. Summer is my favorite season
  11. Bonus fact! I’ve been on The Ellen Show. TWICE!

I’m primarily a wedding photographer, they’re my absolute favorite, and I love photographing couples as a second favorite. Have some fun around my website, I’d LOOOOVVVEEE to shoot your wedding (emphasis on LOOOOVVVEE.) Hope you had fun learning a little bit more about me, have a fabulous day!